New Look Bingo- The Eventful Bingo Zone

While playing online games all of you most probably look into the welcome offers, bonuses that you can lay your hands on and of course the software that it runs on. Once these are looked into the next level of scrutiny goes into the promotional offers that a site has in store, along with the payout ratio. Saying all this, we can now harp over the question of finding out which site suits your bingo needs the most and how to go about the research. Knowing about and finding out such details is quiet difficult and therefore, to help all of you with this arduous task here’s us – Golen Casino with detailed information of a site which we thought would really suit you bingo requirements and it’s New Look Bingo.

New Look Bingo is a site which provides incredible adventure to their bingo punters and they always have something or the other which makes all their players go ‘wow’. Opened in 2013 this online bingo site has gone from strength to strength over the past couple of years. In spite of doing quiet well in the industry that still wished for some more eventful thrill and thus in December 2014 we suddenly found the site absolutely changed. When we logged into it around the 15th of December and found arresting and impressive hues of green and brown around we thought we were redirected to a different site. It was only after a few seconds that it registered that New Look Bingo has changed their entire look without a warning but who cares as we simply loved what we saw. The logo was changed and was given a more matured and seasoned look. The frivolity of the site was entirely done away with along with the cartoon ‘happy-faced’ girl which adorned the site for over a year and a half.

At New Look Bingo you would be welcomed by their free bingo offers as their free bingo rooms are open 24/7 That’s not all as these rooms are for both funded and non funded players. This is a feature which would be hard or rather quiet difficult to come by in other bingo sites. The Cozy Games network allows their players to play free bingo from 6pm to 10 pm. But if you are a part of New Look Bingo then you can continue playing right till 1pm.

The welcome offer is also quiet a steal with a massive £15 simply for signing up and then after the first deposit and spending of a tenner you can play with a huge £60 (includes the £15).

New Look Bingo has many facets and you need to play there to find out each of their mind-boggling offer. So people check this site out and have a some eventful bingo experiences.